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Intelligent Technology

We are an international company for the development of software and solutions in information technologies and telecommunications. We operate in Portugal, UK, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Moldavia, Italy and Brazil.
Since 2005 we have as a priority the total satisfaction of our customers through the performance of technological functions and high responsibility, with professional quality and dynamism. It was with this intention that SmartDigit was created, and it is the fulfillment of this objective that today, continues to elevate the company to a level of great recognition.

We’re Pioneering Innovation

Quality Services for a
Exponential Growth

Due to the increasing demands of our customers and partners, and the vast technical and professional experience of our technical teams, SmartDigit is nowadays a company that operates both in the national territory and autonomous regions, as well as in several other countries around the world.

With any project, our customers can always expect the best quality in service, and the use of the best technological resources to achieve the customer’s goal.
It is due to the growing and continuous formation and evolution of our teams, and the collaboration with the best suppliers and service providers in the market, thus guaranteeing the best possible performance of the technologies proposed for each project.

We would be happy to assist you in developing software services and products and T.I.C. For your business anywhere in the world. We work with passion, professionalism and perfectionism.

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