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Today, it is possible to maximize the profitability of your company, in the most efficient way possible, without dispensing with great resources for this purpose.
We work for the automation of business processes aimed at increasing profitability and for better time management. And we make consulting for Integrated Enterprise Management Systems (ERP) in order to facilitate the internal and external processes of any company.
As practical examples, we work on projects to facilitate the logistics of the company, a process that ranges from provisioning and management of space and time, to the integration of POS systems and Management Software in their projects.



A structured network aims to unify, organize and install the entire network system (voice, video and data) in your company, so that it guarantees all professional standards and ensuring the proper functioning of your business equipment .
At SmartDigit, we are able to build and maintain large infrastructures for data, information and security, in order to guarantee the management of services in Information Technology, Security, Networks and Telecommunications.

We always keep in mind the availability of our resources for local or remote services, ensuring the proper functioning of your equipment and its network, and so that someone is always available should any problems arise.



Over time it has become imperative for any company to have its online presence. Moreover, having the advantage of being able to communicate your business correctly, whether in B2B or B2C mode.
SmartDigit is able to build solutions and portals to operate online, from planning to the development and maintenance of data access and view portals.
As examples you can build an intranet for your company with multiple functions interconnected to ERP, and integrate the portals to B2C e-commerce stores, available to the worldwide network. The options are endless.



With the creation and construction of interfaces, your business can become totally mobile, without the need to provide unnecessary resources for its management.

At SmartDigit, we build and develop applications for use with Integrated Enterprise Management Systems (ERP), and electronic data interchange (EDI).
In practice, we link your website with management software, making it easier for you and your employees to manage your online store. This allows you to synchronize categories, products, prices, stocks automatically and only on a platform. This platform will be the software that your company uses to manage its products.

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